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Hemisferium Gunter's Quadrant Replica Instrument (Pack of 1)

Hemisferium Gunter's Quadrant Replica Instrument (Pack of 1)

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This instrument is a replica based on two of English mathematician and astronomer, Edmund Gunter’s quadrants made in the mid-eighteenth century.

The original pieces, made by unknown English authors, are at the Greenwich National Maritime Museum in London.

On the face side, the instrument presents a local height quadrant furnished with a fin for establishing the Sun’s height and a plumb with a sliding pearl. It contains a series of scales, some of them based on the stereographic projection, that enables the user to find out the time and solve several calculations related to the Sun’s position.

On the backside, there is a Nocturnal used to keep time at night. By observing the stars, it was noted that certain boreal constellations rotated around the Pole Star as if a giant clock hand were keeping time around a celestial sphere of 24 hours.

This beautiful historical piece is displayed on an elegant wooden stand and will make an eye-catching decorative centrepiece.

The Quadrant measures 170mm in height, 150mm wide and 7mm thick.

Material: Zamak with brass lacquer. Sapele wood tainted with natural wax and polished.

Pack Size: 1

Product Code: H39

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