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Science & Nature

As the wholesale counterpart of Curious Minds Science Ltd, at Science & Nature we're focused on supplying high-quality science kits, gifts and games at wholesale prices and quantities. We provide scalable pricing systems for companies of all sizes. We are also focused on building long-term mutually beneficial business partnerships in the science industry.

  • GeoWorld

    Delve into the ancient history of our world, with GeoWorld. These excavation fossil kits are perfect for young children with an interest in paleontology! We have been partnered with GeoWorld for over 10 years!

  • Hemisferium

    Hemisferium design & manufacture a fascinating collection of antique replica scientific instruments including astrolabes, sundials, compases, & the earliest forms of optical pre-cinema toys. Browse our range and admire the beautiful design & craftmanship of the replica antique scientific instruments.

  • Rob Walrecht

    Rob Walrecht planispheres are some of the best on the market. We stock planispheres for most latitudes. Browse our range