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Curious Minds 50g Pack of Pure & Natural Beeswax Pellets

Curious Minds 50g Pack of Pure & Natural Beeswax Pellets

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Experience the wonders of nature with Curious Minds beeswax pellets.

Made from high-quality beeswax, these pellets offer numerous benefits such as moisturizing and protecting the skin, providing a natural alternative for candle making, and serving as a natural adhesive for woodworking and crafting projects.

These pure & natural 100% Beeswax pellets are ideal for candle making, beeswax wraps and anything which requires beeswax as a component ingredient.

As a life long naturalist, our CEO Dr Wendy Hamilton, wanted the CuriousMinds company to do something positive in support of our environment, keeping native honey bees was the answer. We now manage honey bees on the West Coast of Scotland and if you follow our blog or social media you'll see photo & video updates about the bees.

Curious Minds Did You Know? Young worker bees secret beeswax crystals from special glands on the underside of their bodies? To create1 lb in weight of beeswax, the bees need to eat 10 lb of honey!

Contains: 50g of pure natural beeswax pellets

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