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Hemisferium Rojas Universal Astrolabe Brooch Pin (Pack of 1)

Hemisferium Rojas Universal Astrolabe Brooch Pin (Pack of 1)

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The astrolabe reached the peak of its popularity in the 16th century.

The Spanish astronomer and mathematician Juan de Rojas presented the Orthographic Projection to the European public in 1550. This projection was successfully applied in a new type of astrolabe that offered remarkable advantages over its predecessors because it could be used in any latitude.

This instrument, in particular, is non-functioning however, it allows you to carry around a fantastic piece of historic science and represents a time of exploration and astronomical wonder.

Astrolabe, from the Greek, “star searcher”, was introduced to Europe by the Arabs in the early 12th century. It became a vital tool for astronomers, astrologers, and surveyors.

This astronomical computer was used to estimate the time, to measure heights of celestial bodies and geographical accidents, determine the local latitude, estimate the sunrise and sunset time and to draw horoscopes.

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