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Hemisferium Paper Kepler Diptych Sundial Replica (Pack of 1)

Hemisferium Paper Kepler Diptych Sundial Replica (Pack of 1)

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This particular model is inspired by the German astronomer, Johannes Kepler who is most well-known for his three laws of planetary motion.

This is a reproduction of a Diptych dial, a type of sundial that gets its name from its two hinged leaves with waxed inner sides that open like a book.

This model has Compass Rose in the upper part with a needle to determine the 32 different points of the compass (rhumbs).

Quadrants with a compass, introduced in the 15th century, were the first portable sundials.

The compass is orientated to face the quadrant towards the north and the gnomon (a bit of cord or a flexible triangle) can be raised or lowered to accommodate the latitude where the compass is used. The gnomon casts a shadow on the dial to indicate the time of day.

The golden age of sundials lasted from the 15th century to the end of the 18th. Their diversity of shapes, materials and decorations was vast.

The Diptych measures 86mm in length, 70mm across, and 20mm thick.

Material: Brass plate, MDF tainted and polished, crystal (polycarbonate) over the magnetic compass, coloured paper.

Pack Size: 1

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