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Hemisferium Miniature Nocturnal Dial Replica on Stand (Pack of 1)

Hemisferium Miniature Nocturnal Dial Replica on Stand (Pack of 1)

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This nocturnal watch – "Horologium Nocturnum" – is an astronomical instrument that was used to keep time at night.

By observing the stars, it was noted that certain boreal constellations rotated around the Pole Star as if a giant clock hand were keeping time around a celestial sphere of 24 hours.

This particular nocturnal is a reproduction of the one made in 1570 and is designed to calculate the time based on the position of the Pole star and Kochab – the brightest star in the bowl of the Little Dipper asterism.

The reverse side is signed by English engraver and maker of scientific instruments, Humphrey Cole.

Attention to detail, historical interest and its beautiful design is brought to life in this elegant Nocturlabe. It comes complete hung on an elegant wooden stand with a user manual.

The Nocturlabe measures 130mm in height on the stand, 50mm across and 6mm thick.

Material: Brass engraved with acid. Sapele wood base tainted with natural wax and polished.

Pack Size: 1

Product Code: H85

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