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Hemisferium Astronomical Ring Dial Replica Brooch Pin (Pack of 1)

Hemisferium Astronomical Ring Dial Replica Brooch Pin (Pack of 1)

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It was used by scientists and navigators to make astronomic measurements and determine the time during the day or at night.

The Astronomical Ring Dial is a replica modelled from an early instrument created by Dutch mathematician and cartographer, Reiner Gemma Frisius, in the 16th Century.

Several different kinds of astronomic dials existed, and the larger ones could indicate the time to the minute and for a long time were the only way to know if mechanical clocks were functioning correctly without having to rely on an astronomical observatory.

It is composed of a ring that can be adjusted to various latitudes, a meridian ring showing the latitude scale, a moveable hour ring, a central grooved bar that is marked with the months of the year and a perforated cylinder, which moves through the bar. Once set up properly, it will indicate the local solar time.

Although known as the astronomical ring, it is principally employed as an equatorial solar universal quadrant.

It was very popular in the Renaissance period and is regaining its popularity today amongst collectors whether they use it as a stunning decorative piece or a talking piece.

Attention to detail, historical interest and its beautiful design is brought to life in this Astronomical Ring Pin.

This instrument allows you to carry around a fantastic piece of historic science and represents a time of exploration and astronomical wonder.

Non-functional item.

The ring dial measures 22mm in length, 25mm across and 1.8mm thick.

Pack Size: 1

Product Code: H109

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