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Hemisferium 17th Century Sextant Replica with Manual (Pack of 1)

Hemisferium 17th Century Sextant Replica with Manual (Pack of 1)

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This Sextant is a reproduction of an Octant of the mid-17th century.

By measuring the height of a celestial object such as the stars or the sun, the Octant allows navigators to determine their geographic latitude.

A Sextant can also be used to calculate Greenwich Mean Time and as a result geographic longitude by measuring the lunar distance between the moon and another celestial object.

In 1731 John Hadley, an English mathematician, and Thomas Godfrey, an optician and inventor from Philadelphia, USA demonstrated the Octant, independently.

The arc of an Octant is 45º or 1/8 of a circle hence its name and is divided into 90 parts each ½ of a degree.

The Sextant replaced the wood frame with metal and progressively took the Octant´s place and is still used for navigation today.

With this exquisite sextant, you will be able to adventure the world like the explorers would have in the Renaissance or have it as an eye-catching decorative centrepiece.

Attention to detail, historical interest and its beautiful design is brought to life in this elegant Sextant.

It comes complete with a user manual detailing the method of operation.

The Sextant measures 320mm in height, 275mm across and 65mm thick.

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