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English Metric 1:100 Billion Scale Solar System Model (Pack of 1)

English Metric 1:100 Billion Scale Solar System Model (Pack of 1)

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A scale model of the Solar System!

Scale 1:100 billion.

English metric version.

This model consists of 16 cards, full of interesting information about the Sun, the planets, the Moon, asteroids, comets etc.. Together they are a concise encyclopaedia of the Solar System!

The cards can be put or hung at the correct distances from the Sun-card, forming the unique scale model.

Earth will be at 1.5 m, Neptune at 45 m and the nearest star (next to the Sun) is at 400 km! There is a special card for that, which also includes details about the sizes and distances of other objects in the Universe.

Also including cards for the ice dwarf Quaoar (a member of an entirely new "family" of heavenly bodies, discovered in 2002) and the Voyager spacecraft (at 103 and 130 m!).

Very educational and illustrative model, great for youngsters, perfect for school! It will help give them a better understanding of our environment in space and almost accidentally teaches them about measuring distances.

This scale model was published in 2003, just before many objects were discovered and Pluto was 'demoted' to dwarf planet.

You can download (for free) a new card for Pluto and cards for many objects that were discovered later on this page.

The Dutch Solar System scale model was republished in October 2015, as two sets of 16 cards, and completely updated.

It now perfectly shows all the planets and dwarf planets, the largest 'candidate' dwarf planets but also the important regions, like the Asteroid Belt Kuiper Belt and Scattered disc.

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